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The ever-changing nature of the IT world has led to several alternative delivery models that have improved businesses, including cloud-based technology. Cloud-based technology has become increasingly popular, as it eliminates the daunting task of physically running your systems (on local storage and sets of hardware). With the cloud, you can conveniently store and access your data and programs, or host a software platform or service over encrypted and well-secured tunnels, from a remote location. You do not have to install a suite of software programs on many computers; with the right cloud-based technology, all you need is a single application log.

Cloud computing is arguably one of the most innovative technologies of the century.     For both small and big firms, the potentials of cloud-based technology do not only simplify and accelerate processes of business but also stimulates growth and products and services innovation. As a huge requirement for all businesses, every company needs the right cloud computing consulting partner that will accelerate development with proven strategies. We help you identify your needs while also providing insights on the latest cloud technologies available. We are well equipped to treat all aspects of cloud-based technology challenges at affordable costs.

With our cloud computing services, you can access your data, applications and other services over reliable tunnels that are not only well secured, but also well-encrypted, removing the need for expensive hardware including hard drives and servers, and improving overall user and operational experience. Cloud computing gives you the ability to work from anywhere, with almost all businesses already using the technology. Our cloud hosting services support all types of information sharing, such as email services, application hosting, web-based phone systems, and data storage. We offer three forms of cloud environment; private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

The public cloud makes services delivery to customers possible over a network that is open for public. With this affordable and efficient cloud service, we will run your service in a shared environment. On the other hand, the private cloud makes services accessible via a private network that is usually protected by a firewall. We can help you create your own data center, or you can subscribe to one of our hosted versions. Either way, you enjoy the most security and control. Our hybrid cloud combines two or more clouds (public or private), with a variety of options. You can choose which aspects of your business to include in a hybrid landscape including a build of both cloud and on-premise.

Migrating to the cloud offers several benefits to you as business owners. Main advantages include simplicity, lower costs, improved collaboration, increased flexibility/scalability, affordability, and greater integration. Cloud software offers many distinct advantages that help sharpen your competitive edge by accelerating your innovation cycles with easy and more frequent updates.

Our reputation precedes us as a reliable Arlington Heights IT Support provider. Hence we deliver the best cloud-based technology services as part of Chicago Managed Services.   With an excellent Arlington Heights IT Support, you have nothing to worry about. We provide great customer support services including effective handling and monitoring of projects, swift response to alerts, and much more.

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