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About RTMB Technology Inc.

RTMB was founded by Robert Byrne going on 10 years ago. What Started as just a website development company grew into a full service IT company just from the need of our Clients.

A lot of people ask if Robert is the “R” in RTMB Technology. The answer is yes and no. When Robert was in the Marines and first moved to San Diego he developed his first email address. Robthemanbob@aol.com.

The email address was developed as a tribute to his dad who is named Bob.  Rob “TheMan” Bob was and later shortened to RTMB.

Still today even as a growing company the name is a tribute to his Dad.

We are also asked about our logo a lot and if the colors mean anything. The answer is yes each color of the RTMB matches one of our four main pillars.

The Red “R” means we will never stop looking forward. We have a vision moving forward for our Partners while keeping an eye on current standards.

The Orange “T” means we are 100% committed to Teamwork both inside our organization and with our Partners.

The Green “M” is for money, and that is our value to save you money in the long term. We will not nickel or dime you and we will not push a solution onto you that we have not tried ourselves or do not feel would be beneficial to your organization.

The Blue “B” is for Team Work. Team Work is essential to both your success and ours as Partners. That is why we use Partners and not clients. We believe that to be successful in managing your IT it requires a dedication and supportive environment that only Partnership can achieve.

Robert left California and relocated RTMB Technology to our current location in the Midwest where we have flourished growing both our services and our partners.

We are the best in:

Our data analytics services help in merging and analyzing big data volumes of business-centric data from several sources to maintain consistency of data-sets, develop mathematical models, performing data and statistical analysis as well as creating visualizations

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